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Hollow Earth

The inside of Planet Earth is actually a hollow paradise. It is extremely warm because of its tiny central sun, which suits it's Reptilian Overlord inhabitents. There is no reason anyone would ever prefer being on Earths ugly surface over the warm, fertile paradise that is it's interior.

There is only one entrance to Hollow Earth, a giant hole at the North Pole. If a puny human were ever to approach the artic entrance they would be immediately apprehended by UFOs. Reptilian Overlords have psychic cameras strategically positioned all over Earth's surface.

A few fortunate humans have been permitted to view the entrance to Hollow Earth, and are then immediately devoured. Trillions of silver and neon spaceships can be seen zooming too and fro. Wise reptilians can be seen rearing and eating their young. There is an entire continent devoted exclusively to Extreme Battle Mating.

Utopian Paradise are merely tetragramatical terms with which describe Hollow Earth.